Obsidian Animator

The Obsidian Animator is a brand new way to create animations for Minecraft mods. The animator allows you to import any models you want to use in your mod, and create complex animations with ease. Combined with the Obsidian API (coming soon), the animations can be used with other mods in Minecraft.

The Obsidian Animator is part of an open source project - The Obsidian Suite - that aims to revolutionise the Minecraft modding and animating community by improving upon existing model animation techniques for mods.

Tabula support is here! Newly added merge tools and auto parenting make means you can easily add your own models!

The animator is currently in an early alpha stage of development. You can download it RIGHT NOW, and begin making animations, for any Tabula models you have. You'll have to wait a little while longer to be able to add the animations into your mods - the API isn't quite ready yet!

To help with development, it would be great to see any animations that you create, and to test them with the API by sending them to me. Show me what you can do!

As it is only an alpha version, there may be bugs, so let me know if you find anything wrong or have suggestions for improvements.

FOR MODDERS: The Obsidian Suite is a large undertaking; any help would be gladly appreciated, in whatever form. The repository is linked below, check it out if you are keen to help.


The animator is compatible with the Version Checker mod for updating (Recommended)
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